David Black...

Posted on November 11th, 2013


The Great Satan

David Black is a former soldier who served with the British Army’s Infantry for three years, including two operational tours in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. After leaving the regular Army, Black joined the territorial SAS while also working as a London taxi driver. His novel, The Great Satan, the first in the Shadow Squadron series, is based on his extraordinary double life.

The Great Satan is set in the present day, in the bitterly divisive aftermath of the Iraq War, when the former political leaders of the UK and the USA were condemned as deceitful and mendacious, allegedly fabricating excuses for their martial actions. Black takes their rationale to its logical conclusion to produce his own fictional nightmare scenario: what if the Iraqi weapons that were said to have been dismantled in the 1990s included the ultimate WMD? And what if the deposing of Saddam Hussein left one of his most ruthless military henchmen at large, actively seeking revenge?

The Great Satan was published in August 2010 by Pennant Books.