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Posted on November 11th, 2013

watt_inside_outInside Out

As General Secretary of the Labour Party Peter Watt was at the heart of government and witnessed one of the most tumultuous periods in recent political history. Not only did he oversee the transition of the Premiership from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown, he also arranged the election that never was whose last-minute bottling by Brown so damaged his standing as PM. Watt was closely involved in two of the biggest political scandals of the Labour administration: cash for peerages and the Abrahams donorgate affair. Inside Out is the ultimate insider exposé: a no-holds-barred account of the spectacular decline of the most effective party political machine of modern times and an intimate viewpoint onto the personalities at the heart of government, including the country’s two most recent Prime Ministers. Inside Out was published by Biteback in January 2010, his revelations sent shockwaves through Westminster.