Valentine Low...

Posted on November 11th, 2013

low_one_manOne Man and His Dig

When Valentine Low decided to forego his world of dinner parties with the chattering classes to take on a pastime usually indulged in by old men with flat caps and rollups, he had little idea of the sea change it would bring about in his life. A year down the line he had developed a worrying obsession with potatoes, a resourcefulness that borders on kleptomania and an ever-strengthening relationship with a cheery Irishman named Michael (who thinks that zeitgeist is something nasty you get on your cucumbers). By turns entertaining and informative, and packed with allotment wisdom – everything from who was responsible for the desecration of the purple sprouting broccoli (that’ll be the pigeons) to how to build a proper manure heap - One Man and His Dig is an indispensable guidebook for all green-fingered urbanites.

One Man And His Dig was published by Simon & Schuster in May 2008. Valentine Low is a journalist at The Times.